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I am humbled to be your choice for Johnson County Commissioner and have proudly represented the Third District since January 14, 2013. As promised during my campaign, I strive every day to represent my district with honor and integrity. Please know that I welcome your comments, suggestions and concerns. You may reach me at 913-715-0433 or email me at steve.klika@jocogov.org.




An Overview of Johnson County Government

The legislative powers of Johnson County Government are vested in a seven-member Board of County Commissioners, which exercises its authority to ensure the general health, safety and welfare of the public. The Board has been given exclusive powers to enact, amend and repeal local legislation, to levy taxes and to make appropriations, to adopt budgets, and to make appointments to certain offices, boards and commissions.

The BOCC meets every Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the hearing room on the third floor of the County Administration Building located at 111 S. Cherry Street, Olathe. The weekly session schedule includes the voting meeting as well as formal policy review and study sessions and the presentation of various reports and other matters concerning the county government. The weekly sessions are open to the public, as provided under the Kansas Open Meetings Act. As part of the business meeting each week, members of the public are welcome to address the Board of County Commissioners on subjects of concern that involve the county government and its service to the Johnson County community. For information about the weekly session schedule, please contact the Clerk of the Board at (913) 715-0430


2014 Johnson County Board of County Commissioners